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Yarmouth Materials

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Who we are

For over two decades, Yarmouth Materials has been supplying the highest-quality rare earth oxides, alumina, and high-purity metals for electro-optic crystals and scintillators, semiconductors, ceramics, lighting and an array of other specialty applications. Yarmouth distributes certain well-qualified imported materials, manufactures and packages from our one location in Danbury, Connecticut.  


Yttrium Oxide 


High Purity Metals

Guerilla Engineering



Michael Shea: Founder & President.

Yarmouth was founded and is still run by Michael Shea. He got started with high-purity materials during a summer job at Union Carbide making high-purity alumina for lighting and sapphire crystal applications. Following graduation from Cornell with a BSE in chemical engineering he went to work at Carbide in their polysilicon business and then in their crystal products group. Carbide was at that time a leading "high tech" company making the highest purity polysilicon on earth, laser crystals, specialty epi substrates, and a range of new laser crystal materials. Shea developed a deep interest in advanced inorganic materials that eventually led to the formation of Yarmouth in the year 2000.  


Shea prospecting for rare earth minerals in a secret remote mountain range.

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