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Guerilla Engineering

Yarmouth has unique capabilities to quickly and efficiently develop and build pilot-scale production facilities for inorganic chemical and ceramic powder production. We are small, fast, and flexible. 

mad scientist gorilla in lab.jpg

recent projects

  • Repacking specialty alumina from bulk bags into small preweighed jugs with color-coded seals and barcode labels for a customer's kanban system in quantities exceeding 1MT per month.  

  • Designing and installing a pilot scale system to facilitate the recycling of over sprayed alumina from a plasma spray application.

  • Packing various ceramic powders in preweighed bottles with color-coded seals to prevent operator errors at a customer's facility.  

  • Yarmouth has decades of experience with high-purity inorganic materials so we are very well suited to finding a solution to your material needs. If we cannot do it we can find the people who can.  

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